Where did we come from? How did we get here? Is there some purpose in the fact that we have our existence on this tiny speck in the vast universe? Presumably mankind has asked these questions from the beginning. Today many believe that the ultimate answers to these questions are unknowable. Others say it is only through a serendipitous fluke of random chance that anything exists at all. Christians, on the other hand, know that these questions have all been answered for us by the One Who knows the answers– the One Who Himself is the Creator of all things. He has provided the answers concerning our origins for us in the book of origins– Genesis, the first book of the Old Testament.

My church, Liberty Christian Church in Sunset, Utah, is currently studying through Genesis.This study of Genesis takes place every Sunday morning at 9:30 during our regular Sunday school hour. It is not the typical superficial overview of Genesis that I remember from my past. But rather this is an in-depth, word-by-word study of this critical, foundational book of the Bible. If you want to know what the Bible really says about these issues I urge you to join us as we continue this study. The best way to do this would be to join us in person every Sunday morning. For those of you for whom this would be impractical or impossible I invite you to join us for the live online broadcasts of our Sunday morning services. Audio recordings of each lesson are also available for online listening or downloading. These lessons are listed in reverse chronological order with newest at the top.

A biblically correct understanding of the book of Genesis is critically important if we hope to be able to understand the other 65 books God has given us in His written word.